Nenan Dane ẕaa Deh Zona

Family Services Society


Positive, Acceptance, Trust, Healing

PATH provides a collaborative and innovative approach to healing unresolved trauma. PATH utilizes healing circles for families in the Northeast to use as an alternative approach to healing from a western standpoint of trauma which may not have always worked for Indigenous people.

Rooted in Indigenous knowledge and culture, PATH is adaptable to different cultures and traditions throughout the Treaty 8 territory, connecting families to culture and spirituality by incorporating first-hand knowledge of sacred teachings which have proven successful for dealing with trauma.

PATH is grounded in transferrable knowledge. Together, families and elders create paths of healing while building trust and encouraging positive change. When PATH is implemented, it’s about creating circles that are safe spaces for unhealed traumas to surface and be addressed.

This program provides families, communities and agencies tools to hold their own circles as well.  

Confidentiality is key—everyone in the circle creates a safe space of confidentiality and sacredness. Whatever is dealt with in the circle, stays in the circle.

Follow up and referrals are also part of the process to ensure continued support for next steps. Professional support is available during circles to care for possible triggers with participants.

So many of us have learned to look outside ourselves, through PATH and its healing circles, we go back to ourselves, our personal responsibility and what we can do for ourself.

Types of Circles available:

  • Healing circles
  • Grief and loss
  • Honouring circles
  • Sharing circles: (community, red road, rites of passage)
  • Reconciliation circles: (parent/child issues, community/member, law/community member)
  • Action circles
  • Playing circles
  • Talking circles
  • Topic circle: (e.g. young women and rites of passage)
  • Other circles: lodge or sacred fire
  • Cultural competency