Nenan Dane ẕaa Deh Zona

Family Services Society

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness provides an opportunity for community and Nenan to work together to address the needs and goals of community with tailored programs, services, groups and trainings.

If you'd like to discuss this further for your community, please contact Lindsey Sprague at lsprague [at] nenan [dot] ca or 250 401 1177.

Current Programs:

Health and Wellness are essential parts of the overall well-being of children and families. We have developed group programs to promote health and wellness and help provide necessary skills to our families and youth.

Family Connections: Provides a safe space for Indigenous caregivers to meet other Indigenous caregivers, discuss the strengths and challenges of being caregivers and offer knowledge and strategies for being healthy caregivers.

Young Women’s Group: this group is for young women age 13-17. They will learn about being safe and honoured as females, in a safe setting. Our young women’s group explores many topics important for young women including healthy bodies, rites of passage, personal well-being and safety, relationships, arts and crafts, health and cultural and traditional women’s teachings.

If you are interested in attending this group, call or text Lindsey at 250 401 1177 or call Nenan at 250 787 2151

Nenan’s team incorporates physical activity, guest speakers and various learning models during the groups. We know it is important to teach youth how to stay safe in urban settings, harm reduction, drug & alcohol awareness, and developing social skills. We build a community for the youth in a safe space where they can hang out, do homework, and get to know each other.