Nenan Dane ẕaa Deh Zona

Family Services Society

Family Services

Nenan’s Family Services team consists of two Family Navigators who support families through government systems, primarily MCFD but also health, education and legal.

We develop and execute prevention and intervention strategies that address potential and identified issues that place children at risk within community and family structures.

When a family has an open file with MCFD, we provide support to ensure that family’s voice is heard and the rights of the child are upheld. Our goal is always to have children in a home that is safe, healthy and happy—the best place for them to grow healthy and strong.

When children are returned home, family navigators continue to provide support through follow up programs, parenting and family groups to keep families on track with their goals.

Is the ministry involved with your family?Are there child protection concerns for you or someone you know?Do you know your rights? 

Nenan can support you by:

  • coordinating and facilitating Traditional Decision Making (TDM) family planning process
  • Attending/accompanying you to MCFD meetings
  • Court preparation and advocacy
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Family planning meetings
  • Home visits for one-on-one sessions
  • Breaking down ministry language
  • Walking you through your rights